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Married in Med School: Sacrifice, Resilience and Life

I wrote this guest post for Life of a Med StudentΒ and it is live now. Just some words on how life as a married medical student has been, with a non-medical partner. They have wonderful advice for anything related for #medschoollife survival. I especially love their posts on financial planning and managing your debt. Definitely… Continue reading Married in Med School: Sacrifice, Resilience and Life

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Clerkship overview: Family Med & Psych

After saying goodbye to surgery after 2 months, it was time for family medicine. Lucky me the day before orientation, I woke up feeling horrible. I went to orientation with a 102 fever and ended up needing to leave. Great way to start thanksgiving weekend.Β On the bright side, on the raffle for clinic locations, I… Continue reading Clerkship overview: Family Med & Psych

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5 things I wish I had time to do in Medical School

Sorry this post is up late! I was in my hometown for the weekend and I spent most of my time out of the house and had no time to put together the images. That apology aside, I had a great time with family during this weekend and I feel emotionally revived. With that let’s… Continue reading 5 things I wish I had time to do in Medical School

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Third Year Essentials (MS3) Part 1

As you all know third year of medical school started back in August. I started my rotations in Obstetrics and Gynecology and that is the reason I was MIA in September. I was rotating with the director of the Residency program at the main hospital affiliated with my school. So I was working extra hard… Continue reading Third Year Essentials (MS3) Part 1