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5 Tips for Smooth Shaving

Smooth Legs
Source: VineVera Cosmetics

I don’t know about you, but I detest shaving. More so because having a good smooth shave is almost impossible as I always end up with awful itchy bumps and dry skin. Throughout the years I have gathered a few tricks to minimize razor burn and bumps and I have tried numerous “remedies”, some of which I still use. In addition to specific products, I also have a ritual that I follow for a more comfortable shaving experience.

  1. Hot Water/Steam
    Source: Faceted Beauty

    I don’t know what it is about the hot water but if I shave with warm or cold water nothing works and I end up with an awful, dry, itchy skin and legs filled with bumps. I need to shave with hot water or let really hot steamy water run for a 5 minutes and steam the room, then warm it down and get in the shower. The concentrated steam in the bathroom helps keep an equal temperature and helps prevents the bumps. This has always worked for me and has even worked for some of my friends.

  2. Exfoliate
    Exfoliate Legs

    I know you have read this at every Cosmopolitan and Elle magazine article about shaving but it is true. When I began trying every method I could find exfoliation was in every one. For years I have use St. Ives Apricot Scrub or Victoria’s Secret Body Scrub and they work well. Recently I have been looking into other body scrub options and I am looking to try out the L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub or the Ahava Softening Butter Salt Scrub. How I use the scrub is basically scrubs my legs while massaging the scrub into the skin for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off with hot water.

  3. Good Razor

    SchickThis one is pretty obvious. Having a good, clean razor is essential. I have tried various brands and styles, but so far my favorite is the Schick Hydro Silk. For years I had used various styles of Gillette Venus but when I got the Schick I was forever changed. I have also used men’s razors and those are pretty good too but so so expensive. Other thing I am curious to try is the Dollar Shave Club subscription box. I have heard wonders about it and LuxMommy raves about their razors so it definitely peaks my interest. In the end, find a razor that you like and that works for you and your skin. What I can say is that the more blades the smoother the shave and the less irritation you will have. The strips on the different razor heads don’t really make a difference for me.

  4. Bikini Zone Gel / Conditioner

    Bikini Zone This is the best part of my ritual and I can swear by this product ’til the day I die. Many years ago I was browsing the beauty hallway at Walgreens and I saw this product, Bikini Zone Shave Gel that claimed to give you a bump and irritation free shave. I for sure thought it was a hack, but to my surprised it worked. I immediately tried it out for my legs and lo and behold it worked better than all my sensitive skin, ultra moisture shaving creams. I also interchanged it with your good old hair conditioner, a trick I learned from my friend but it is not a completely fool proof as the gel for me. With the gel I do not need to go through all these steps, whereas with the conditioner I do, if not the bumps will appear.

  5. Body Lotion or Butter
    Source: Blue Maize

    Finally the last step is moisturize your skin. I mostly use lotion because the body butters get weird with all the humidity here. But I usually do 2 coats waiting for the first to be absorbed before putting on the second one. Lotion is important to prevent the skin drying out and the skin left over from exfoliation coming off. I really enjoy Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion and the Victoria’s Secret body lotion. I’ve heard of people using the in shower body lotions but my experience hasn’t been as good. This is also one of my favorite parts because you get to give yourself (or ask your partner) for a massage and who doesn’t love getting a massage?? Kidding, well sort of. Anyways I love how smooth and hydrated your skin feels after this step and you can rock some shorts or a nice dress with your newly shaved smooth legs.

With these simple tricks I manage to get a smooth shaving without itchiness or any bumps even when shaving continuously and every week. It has also worked for some of my friends and I wanted to share my “secrets” on the blog.

What tricks do you use for a smooth shaving? Any product recommendations? 


Jani V

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Smooth Shaving

  1. I also hate shaving because I always get irritation all over my legs just because my skin is so sensitive, so I usually choose waxing. These are great tips, I’ll definitely try the first one, it sounds easy yet effective. xx

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    1. I’ve never tried waxing because I am a coward for that but these tricks have helped me during the years. The most dramatic difference was using a steamy shower and the bikini zone gel which is a great combo. A friend does the steam with the aveeno sensitive skin shave gel and it works for her. Best of luck. Let me know how it goes!!

      Liked by 1 person

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