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Birthday Gift Haul!

Hey all, my birthday was the day before yesterday, on Sunday, April 10. I turned 24. Holy crap time flies, but at least things in my life are looking good and I am happy with how things are.

A lot has happened in the past few months since this blog was born, and my Dad was following along my journey. A few weeks ago he wrote to me after having read my recent makeup reviews and he wanted to get me some new makeup for my birthday. He asked me for a list of things for him to choose and I sent it over.


Little did I know he was going to haul it all. So in the end I was very happy and grateful for him being supportive of me and also getting to try a lot of new products as well as get my hands on some wish list items. In addition, I won another giveaway, this time one hosted by the lovely Clarina from Clarina Beauty and it arrived just in time to be another birthday gift.

Let’s dig into everything that I got!

  • Sephora Favorites Paint it PinkPaint it pink

This kit was one of the things I was most excited about. It has 8 products 3 of which are full size, including an original beauty blender. I already tried some of these products and I am IN LOVE with them. It also features a full size Laura Mercier Lipstick, and urban decay shadow. The other products are deluxe size and include a Benefit Roller Lash, Makeup Forever lip gloss, Tarte Amazonian clay blush, a Becca shimmering perfector and a nail polish. I wont get into much detail buuut keep your eye out for a review coming soon.

  • Sephora Favorites Give me Some Nude LipNude Lips

This was another kit I was very excited about because I really wanted to try the Nars lipstick, the Marc Jacobs lip liner and the Tarte lip paint but I really could not decide which to try, this was a great set at a great price to do precisely that. So far the only thing I will say is I love the lip gloss and lip liner, not impressed by the Nars lipstick and will soon try the lip paint.

  • Origins Let Us GlowLet us GLow

If any of you knew or met me in real life you would know I am obsessed with Origins skin care line. Their prices went up since I first started using them but the products are absolutely amazing. I recently repurchased my daily moisturizer and had sampled the Ginzing face moisturizer (I love their Ginzing for brightening and depuffing). I liked it but I felt it did not moisturize my nose areas as well as the Make a difference so I had not bought it. I did want to purchase it in the future and when I saw this kit I thought it was a great gift set. I love now having the option to mix and match my moisturizers depending on my needs and this is a great morning moisturizer because it wakes up your face beautifully.

  • Origins Best SellersBestSellers

This kit is similar to the one above BUT it features the activated charcoal mask (which I LOVE) and the frothy face wash. I had run out of the samples and I was in the debate of which one to get first, etc. This solved my problem as well as gave me a completely new product to try, the night cream (SPOILER ALERT: it is amazing too).

  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Pepperamuse bouche

BITE might be my new addiction. This lipstick is the BOMB. I love the scent, flavor, and formula of this. Ever since I was at their twitter party for influenster a couple of weeks ago I was dying to try these lipsticks. They are definitely not getting the hype they should be getting. Bite makes amazing products made from natural ingredients and pigments. The formula is creamy and hydrating, it is easy to apply and fairly long-lasting as well as beautiful and rich. I cannot wait to get several more color because these are great.

  • Tarte Miracuja Lip Exfolianttarte miracuja

Up until I started blogging and getting deeper and deeper into the makeup and beauty world I had NO idea lip exfoliants were a thing. I got a hands on an elf one that was recommended by a friend but I was still lusting after this Tarte Miracuja. Well it was everything I expected and more. It was also very interesting that it is a sugar scrub but it is such a fine sugar grain that it is like magic on your lips.

  • Sephora Z-PaletteΒ z-palette

I needed to place an order to get my birthday gift and I have been eyeing some makeup geek eye shadows but there are SO many that I do not know where or how to begin so seeing that this Z palette was $10 I decided to start there and then eventually I will sit down and decide which shadows to order.

  • Sephora Birthday Gift Marc Jacobs kit

    sephora bday
    Sorry I had gotten rid of the box 😦 

I really had no expectations for this but I will only say I was blown away by both and if your birthday is anytime soon: GET YOUR PAWS ON THIS ASAP

  • Mac Vegas Voltvegas volt

This was a little me for me birthday gift that I got with a remnant gift card I had from a Macy’s return. I was really upset with myself that when I went to get my lipstick from Back to Mac I got a random color instead of one from my wish list. So while my best friend was swatching and brainstorming about Whirl and another color I cannot recall, I tried to think of my mac wish list and decided to get Vegas Volt! Such a beautiful color, I am in love with it and with the formula.

  • UD x Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow Palette

And finally my giveaway win. I was debating whether or not to get this palette since January and I was still undecided because I had just gotten the Bon Bons. Well I loved it when I tried it at their event but could not justify spending the money on it when I had other similar colors in the Bon Bons. So when I won this, I almost cried of joy and excitement!! I cannot wait to start playing with this!!!

Sooo there it is, everything I got for my birthday from my dad, a fellow blogger and myself. With all this and what I have hauled in the past months I must admit my makeup collection has grown exponentially. I am now the proud owner of 20 lipsticks (excluding liquid lipsticks). I am starting to worry I *might have a lipstick addiction haha. But then again, I guess we all have our preferred hoarding item.

What have you guys hauled or been gifted recently? Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for reading!




27 thoughts on “Birthday Gift Haul!

    1. Thank you love! πŸ™‚ I love the Origins eye cream I have been using it for over 3 years and it is a must in my vanity. The face one is pretty good too but not for very dry areas.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely! For me at least it does what it says, brightens and depuffs. Since I dont sleep much or well I have horrible dark circles and there is only so much this cream can do but if I combine the cream, with corrector and concealer it does a pretty good job. Also since I use it in the am and pm I barely get any puffiness.


      2. yeah concealer + corrector def help but i dont like wearing so much makeup on daily basis, so on days when i dont, i look crazy! oh you use the cream 2x a day? hmm maybe i should try that! im still such a new user to it, so i really cant tell much yet!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. What the girl at the counter told me is that it has coffee or caffeine that helps vasoconstrict and reduce the redness/purpleish and puffiness. Yeah, I use it before bed and in the morning. It definitely helps me a lot.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Wow, you received some great gifts! I wanted that Sephora’s Favourites box but they sold out in the stores near me so quickly. It’s such a great value! Have fun playing with everything! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, especially with the VIB sale, they went FAST. Several friends of mine tried to get it and were not able to. But I am pretty sure they come out with those 1-2 a year so there might be another cool one.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Belated Beautiful! Your Dad is the mannnn! What amazing gifts. Dying to get my hands on the Sephora Paint It Pink + Give Me Some Nude Lip boxes. Enjoy them all, you deserve it. Happy reviewing!! πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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